Standing Committees

Aquatics:  Cheryll Perterson-Brachle

Organize educational opportunities specific to aquatic personnel and develop a network for sharing information.

Athletics & Sports:  Cheree Folts

The Athletic and Sports Committee shall promote recreation by means of education clinics, workshops and special events pertaining the athletics.

Awards & Nominations:  Ryan Martin

A. According to the “Code of Awards”, review and recommend to the President for approval, members of the Association who have made outstanding contributions to the recreation, park, and leisure services field.

Budget & Auditing:  Mark Caughey

The Budget and Auditing Committee shall be responsible for the annual budget and other financial matters of all the committees and for the annual audit of the Nebraska Recreation & Parks Association’s financial records.


The purpose of this committee is to establish national standards for certification in the recreation, park resources, and leisure service profession; to provide recognition of individuals who have qualified; and to afford a guarantee to employers that certified personnel have attained stated education and experience qualifications.

Conference Planning

Constitution, By-Laws, Manual of Procedures

The Constitution, By-Laws, Manual of Procedures Committee shall insure that the Constitution, the By-Laws and the Manual of Procedures are kept consistent and reflect current policy and procedures of the Nebraska Recreation & Parks Association, Inc.

Continuing Education:  Gayle Resh

The Continuing Education Committee shall coordinate training sessions for leisure service personnel in the State of Nebraska as a function of the Nebraska Recreation & Parks Association, Inc.  This goal will be accomplished through cooperative efforts with universities, communities, state organizations, and agencies involved in leisure services.

Continuing Education Institute Program

The Continuing Education Institute Program Committee shall execute and organize all activities and arrangements for the Association’s Annual Continuing Education Institute.

Development Grant Program:  Cheree Folts

Administer the Development Program per guidelines.

Great Park Pursuit:  Tracy Stratman

Coordinate the Great Park Pursuit Program throughout the state.

History & Necrology:  Tracy Stratman

The committee shall maintain a history of the association and prepare memoirs of deceased members.

Investments:  Mark Caughey

This committee will work with a financial consultant (approved by the Executive Board) to develop investment strategies for the association’s Scholarship/Endowment Fund, Development Program Fund and Association Management Fund.

Legislative:  Tracy Stratman

The Legislative Committee shall keep the Nebraska Recreation & Parks Association informed about current and pending national, state, and local legislation as it affects the Association, and shall be responsible for organizing communications about critical issues.

Membership/Directory:  Jeremy Bachmann

The Membership Committee shall encourage eligible persons in the recreation and/or park field to apply for membership in the Nebraska Recreation and Park Association, Inc. and in the National Recreation and Park Association, and shall determine proper membership classification for all candidates for membership. The Membership/Directory Committee shall keep a listing of contact information including but not limited to addresses, email, phone, and fax.

Rap Editor:  Amanda English

Scholarship & Endowment:  Mandi Mollring

The Scholarship Committee shall support the educational efforts of college students desiring and pursuing a career in recreation, park, horticulture, conservation, and leisure services fields.

Site Selection:  Nicole Zimmerman

The Site Selection Committee shall recommend sites for the Annual Continuing Education Institute.

Technology:  Jeremy Bachmann

The Technology Committee shall coordinate and disseminate information pertinent to Nebraska Recreation and Park Association and NRPA through all technological means including webmaster duties.