Holiday Workshop

The Holiday Workshop/General Membership Meeting will be held at the Chances “R” Restaurant in York, NE on December 1st from 8:30am – 2pm.

This is a excellent time to network, gain CEU’s, and enjoy a great speaker, not to mention the silent auction items and raffles.

Registration Form

Please register or RSVP by November 27th.

2017 Workshop Info:

Outdoor Adventures

Join Jordan Messerer and Todd Grier as they discuss the trends, demographics and motivations of individuals who engage in adventure activities.  This presenters show how climbing, paddling, cycling and other adventure activities can supplement your communities recreation programing.  Jordan and Todd are part of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln Outdoor Adventures program, where they train students to lead their peers in these adventure activities.

Keynote Speakers

Jordan Messerer is the Assistant Director for Outdoor Adventures at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).  H has both a Bachelor Degree in Business and a Master in Education from (UNL).  He has worked in collegiate outdoor recreation for 20 years both at Texas Tech University and UNL.  He is a certified instructor in bicycle safety, kayaking and canoeing.   He also service on the board of the Great Plains Trails Network and Chairs the Mayors Pedestrian Bicycling Advisor Committee in Lincoln.

Todd Grier has a Bachelor Degree in Parks and Recreation from Texas A&M University.    He has worked professional in collegiate outdoor recreation for 8 years both at Texas A&M Commerce and UNL.  He is a certified instructor in climbing and kayaking and serviced on the board for Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education.

Both Jordan and Todd are connoisseurs of fermentation.  Both have burned their share of sourdough breads in their backyard wood fired ovens and have shared many pints of homebrewed beer.


Silent Auction & Raffle Opportunity!
Please bring a $10 minimum prize(s) to be raffled off or included in the silent auction.
(Please do not wrap valuable auction items!) Funds raised benefit the NeRPA Development Grant!