Central Nebraska Youth Track Meet

2016 State Meet Results from York, NE

This meet replaces the Hershey Track Meet which had its final year in 2014.  Since the conclusion of the Hershey Track Meet, NeRPA members brainstormed new ways to keep the youth track meet experience going.  With the help from Hastings, Kearney, York, North Platte, and Grand Island, we were able to develop the Central Nebraska Youth Track & Field Meet.

Over 150 youth made their way to York to participate in the second state meet. NeRPA volunteers from Hastings, Kearney, York, North Platte, Grand Island, and Lincoln gave their time to make this an exceptional first meet.  We hope to continue to grow this meet each and every year. We hope to see you this year at the State Meet in Kearney!

2016 Local Competition Dates

Hastings:  May 4, 4:30pm – Hastings High School  Registration 

Kearney:  May 6, 10:00am – Kearney High School  Registration

York:  May 12, 4:00pm – York High School  Registration

North Platte:  May 20, 11:00am – North Platte Senior High   Registration

Grand Island:  May 15, 4:30pm – Grand Island High School  Registration